North Commons at Village Hill Resident Interviews

As affordable housing providers look to deepen their energy and water savings when they build new properties or renovate existing homes, it is important to understand and center the impact and lived experiences of residents in their own words. To that end, SAHF has been working with SAHF members to explore and document the impact of energy and water efficiency projects and green building standards to ensure it’s bringing not only cost savings, but a better living experience.

The Community Builders (TCB) recently completed a development, the North Commons at Village Hill, that was built to the Passive House Standard, and SAHF interviewed several residents to hear their experience. The Passive House Standard is a voluntary green building program that verifies that new homes are extremely energy and water efficient, durable, and resilient to ensure that residents have low energy bills, good indoor air quality and are comfortable.

Through interviews, residents shared their stories and the positive impact that North Commons at Village Hill and the features of the Passive House Standard had on their lives. As the affordable housing sector continues to adopt better green building standards, like Passive House, SAHF hopes these interviews can serve as an opportunity to better understand resident perception and the reality of living in high-performing affordable housing. Watch this video to learn more about Passive House from the resident perspective:

TCB Resident Interviews Highlights Video

Resident Testimonial - Earl Gaddis

Resident Testimonial - Shani Smith

Resident Testimonial -  Tammy Howard

Published 2022

Topic Centering Residents, Environmental Sustainability, Service Enriched Housing

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