Our members provide more than 145,000 affordable rental homes across the country. But it's not just an affordable place to call home. It's how our members build homes and create connections to services and community that make a difference for residents.

  • Local Economy Creates Jobs


    jobs supported each year in local economies by operating SAHF member housing, from construction and maintenance to retail and professional services jobs.

  • Advancing Racial Equity


    lower rate of housing instability (including evictions) among SAHF families and seniors than the national eviction rate for all renters.  This translates to roughly 1,500 stably-housed families who would have likely been evicted in market-rate housing.

  • Residents


    individuals connected each year with the supports and services they need to thrive through resident service coordination at SAHF member properties.

  • Health & Housing


    of SAHF member residents had a routine check-up in the past year and 94% have health insurance, compared to only 66% and 79% of all low-income Americans, respectively, with the help of resident services and health-focused programs.

  • Avoided Emissions


    homes across the SAHF portfolio have undergone energy/water efficiency upgrades since 2010, thus reducing our carbon footprint and improving quality of life for residents.

  • Financing


    in savings on energy & water bills for each family each year, on average, generated by SAHF members upgrading properties to be more energy & water efficient.

Stories of Impact