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Drawing on our twelve members' expertise in the development and operation of healthy, affordable homes connected to services, we advance policies and programs across the United States that help create and preserve thousands of homes with services each year.

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Mission In Action

Our mission is to advance the creation and preservation of healthy, sustainable, affordable rental homes that foster equity, opportunity, and wellness for people of limited economic resources.

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Creating Equitable Access to Homes

Affordable, quality housing is fundamental for a just and equitable society. However, too often a quality, affordable home is out of reach. Centuries of racially unjust policy have made housing less affordable and accessible for people of color. SAHF works with policy and financing partners to increase the production, preservation, and operation of affordable housing, as a key component of living a healthy life.

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Advancing Environmental Sustainability

Our homes not only impact our health, but the health of our communities and the world around us. SAHF and its members are committed to the sustainability of our planet and our communities by building and operating energy and water efficient, low-carbon homes. We continually seek new ways to ensure the transition toward a low-carbon future benefits SAHF member residents and supports our communities in being more resilient.

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Supporting Health and Wellness

A quality, affordable home by itself supports health and well-being, but SAHF and its members are committed to fully engaging residents in determining what services they want to support their health and well-being, and then leveraging home as a platform for connecting to those services and reaching goals. By connecting homes with services, such as health and wellness programs, financial coaching, or youth programs, SAHF and its members have seen residents experience transformative outcomes from access to health care to employment and assets.

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Our Goals

Increase and preserve the supply of quality affordable rental housing. 


Support the stability, health and wellness, and economic mobility of affordable rental housing residents.


Promote positive environmental and health outcomes in affordable rental housing through quality design and operations.


Expand and explore new interventions with the healthcare sector to improve healthcare access, reduce healthcare costs, increase housing supply and improve health outcomes of SAHF residents.


Play a leadership role in diversifying the affordable housing development and finance workforce at all levels.


Advance the growth and effectiveness of SAHF members and other high-performing nonprofit affordable rental housing providers committed to long-term affordability. 


Our Reach

Our twelve members provide over 145,000+ affordable housing units and resident services to over 230,000 seniors and families.
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