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SAHF and UnitedHealth Group Release White Paper: "Investing In Housing & Health"

This White Paper dives into the Health & Housing Fund, a partnership between SAHF, our affiliate National Affordable Housing Trust (NAHT) and UnitedHealth Group made in June 2020. Through this partnership, UnitedHealth Group has committed more than $200 million in capital towards affordable rental homes and has committed grant funding for onsite resident services that target a standard set of social drivers of measurable health outcomes.

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UnitedHealth Group and National Nonprofit Housing Groups Announce Additional $100 Million Investments to Build Communities That Achieve Better Health Outcomes

Earlier this year, UnitedHealth Group announced an additional $100 million investment in the Health & Housing Fund, a partnership with SAHF and NAHT. The Health and Housing Fund was first announced in June of 2020, initially providing $118 million in funding for affordable housing communities.

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Measuring Resident Agency and Voice in an Affordable Housing Setting: A Set of Guiding Questions to Move Forward

Measuring Resident Agency and Voice in an Affordable Housing Setting: A Set of Guiding Questions to Move Forward outlines measures and data gathering practices to assist housing practitioners with measuring organizational policies and approaches that support resident voice and agency while also building off measures many housers are already gathering.

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Op-ed: Tackling the Affordable Housing Crisis

As a nation, we are facing crisis after crisis. More than 200,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus—a number that grows steadily each day. Tens of millions of people have lost jobs, and many businesses are shutting their doors. At the same time, recent incidents of police brutality against Black and Brown individuals have put a needed spotlight on the systemic racism that has plagued our society for too long.

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Health at Home During COVID-19 and Beyond

SAHF and its members understand that a stable home can support both physical and mental health. From indoor air quality to the ability to control your own home environment and life choices, where you live can be a pillar or a barrier to well-being.

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Housing is Health – So Is How We Talk About Paying Rent

SAHF reflects on how housing owners, managers, and resident service providers can frame difficult conversations with residents about paying rent in ways that support resident well-being in a time of economic crisis.