Centering Residents, Service Enriched Housing

New Toolkit for Measuring Outcomes in Affordable Housing

SAHF publishes a new toolkit detailing how affordable housing providers can measure and evaluate resident outcomes in ways that intentionally center equity and residents in the process.

Health & Housing, Impact, Service Enriched Housing

UnitedHealth Group and National Nonprofit Housing Groups Announce Additional $100 Million Investments to Build Communities That Achieve Better Health Outcomes

Earlier this year, UnitedHealth Group announced an additional $100 million investment in the Health & Housing Fund, a partnership with SAHF and NAHT. The Health and Housing Fund was first announced in June of 2020, initially providing $118 million in funding for affordable housing communities.

Centering Residents, Impact, Service Enriched Housing

Making the Link Between Resident Services and Successful Affordable Housing

CORES certification acknowledges a robust organizational commitment to improving resident well-being through enhanced service delivery. CORES certified organizations are eligible for Fannie Mae’s Healthy Housing Rewards™, a financing mechanism that provides funding for property-level services. CommonBond, a SAHF member, received this financing at two properties in Minnesota, helping them to expand opportunity for residents and achieve better outcomes.