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Measuring Resident Agency and Voice in an Affordable Housing Setting: A Set of Guiding Questions to Move Forward

Measuring Resident Agency and Voice in an Affordable Housing Setting: A Set of Guiding Questions to Move Forward outlines measures and data gathering practices to assist housing practitioners with measuring organizational policies and approaches that support resident voice and agency while also building off measures many housers are already gathering.

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Centering Residents in Building Decisions

As affordable housing providers strive to become more inclusive and person-centered, over the past year SAHF member, Community Housing Partners (CHP), explored new ways to deepen engagement with residents before, during and after a major rehabilitation at a 78-unit affordable townhome community in Blacksburg, Virginia. CHP applied SAHF’s resident benefits framework to focus on the benefits of building upgrades and to conscientiously involve residents as key partners in the decision-making process. While doing this in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic had its challenges, CHP learned many valuable engagement strategies and lessons during this experience. These lessons are highlighted in SAHF’s Centering Residents in Building Decisions case study.

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SAHF Marks Progress with More Steps Needed to Bridge the Digital Divide

SAHF and its members have sought to bridge the digital divide in affordable housing communities and address deepening digital inequities by advocating with action, advocacy and a practitioner's resource that offers solutions for providers and residents.

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Op-ed: Tackling the Affordable Housing Crisis

As a nation, we are facing crisis after crisis. More than 200,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus—a number that grows steadily each day. Tens of millions of people have lost jobs, and many businesses are shutting their doors. At the same time, recent incidents of police brutality against Black and Brown individuals have put a needed spotlight on the systemic racism that has plagued our society for too long.

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Housing is Health – So Is How We Talk About Paying Rent

SAHF reflects on how housing owners, managers, and resident service providers can frame difficult conversations with residents about paying rent in ways that support resident well-being in a time of economic crisis.

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Making the Link Between Resident Services and Successful Affordable Housing

CORES certification acknowledges a robust organizational commitment to improving resident well-being through enhanced service delivery. CORES certified organizations are eligible for Fannie Mae’s Healthy Housing Rewards™, a financing mechanism that provides funding for property-level services. CommonBond, a SAHF member, received this financing at two properties in Minnesota, helping them to expand opportunity for residents and achieve better outcomes.