SAHF Launches New Resident Voices Videos

November 15, 2019

The quality-of-life benefits of efficiency upgrades are more than just research and theories.  Residents whose homes have been upgraded experience these benefits directly. Our latest videos share the lived experiences of affordable housing residents who were part of the retrofit process at two SAHF-member properties. Their stories exemplify why deep energy upgrades mean so much to affordable housing residents and contribute to healthier, more sustainable communities. As stated by one resident, "It all start at home."

Residents of Battery Park Senior Apartments, a National Church Residences property in Asheville, NC, saw health, comfort and resilience benefits after a renovation that included replacing the property’s cooling tower with a high-efficiency unit, plumbing upgrades, roof replacements, and new, high-efficiency windows.

Residents of Crossroad Gardens Apartments, a Mercy Housing property in Sacramento, CA, saw financial, health, and comfort benefits after a major rehab that included replacement of the HVAC and domestic hot water systems as well as installation of solar PV panels that offset residents’ bills.

Click here to watch our latest Resident Voices videos and download additional resources on how to incorporate resident benefits in your retrofit work.