SAHF Carbon Roadmap Updates Increases the Tool's Utility, Application

January 31, 2024

SAHF is updating its Carbon Roadmap to include two new applications that make the tool even more helpful to national multifamily portfolio owners.

Launched in July 2023, the Carbon Roadmap is a free tool to help multifamily portfolio owners and operators reduce carbon emissions at their properties.

The Roadmap enables portfolio owners to take results from SAHF's Multifamily Portfolio Carbon Emissions Calculator and develop actionable decarbonization strategies. The Wells Fargo Foundation funds both the Roadmap and the Calculator.

Now, SAHF is making the Roadmap more impactful with two notable updates.

Two New Carbon Roadmap Features

Starting today, multifamily portfolio owners can use SAHF's Carbon Roadmap to identify properties in communities deemed disadvantaged by the Environmental Protection Agency's Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool

The Screening Tool locates U.S. census tracts that are overburdened and underserved, including Alaska Native villages and federally recognized Tribes, and was developed to identify communities that are prioritized for the Biden Administration's Justice 40 Initiative.

Justice 40 intends for 40% of the overall benefits of certain federal investments to go to disadvantaged communities that are marginalized, underserved, and overburdened by pollution.

Giving portfolio owners the ability to identify properties in disadvantaged communities aligns with SAHF's commitment to racial equity and supporting environmental sustainability.

The second Carbon Roadmap update makes moving from portfolio-level to property-level views in the tool easier for portfolio owners.

This update gives portfolio owners the opportunity to generate lists of properties on which to focus their environmental sustainability efforts. As an example, if a user is planning for deep energy retrofits for half of their properties in Illinois, the Roadmap will provide property-level information, like annual energy costs, carbon emissions intensity, and how that property is performing relative to others to help the user determine which properties should be prioritized.

A Roadmap Toward a More Sustainable Future

These Carbon Roadmap updates, the first since the Roadmap launched last year, are based on user feedback.

SAHF continues to listen to portfolio owners and SAHF members to identify future updates to the tool and welcomes feedback.

The SAHF Carbon Roadmap