SAHF and CHP Launch “Fostering a Culture of Housing Stability: A Case Study of Evolving Staffing Models and Collaboration”

February 02, 2024

In collaboration with SAHF member Community Housing Partners (CHP), SAHF released a new case study, “Fostering a Culture of Housing Stability: A Case Study of Evolving Staffing Models and Collaboration,” which explores how CHP has integrated resident services and property management, prioritizing housing stability with a recognition that property and resident sustainability are linked. 

Strong executive support and leadership of organizational goals is critical to supporting housing stability. CHP’s executive leadership team understood the need to prioritize a resident-centered services philosophy. As the larger organization underwent changes to integrate and centralize functions, the Resident Services department led its own evolution, setting up three teams to address specific challenges: Senior Services, Community Programs and Housing Stability. This case study dives deeper into the actions of CHP’s Housing Stability Team (HST) and broader support for resident stability across the organization. 

This case study is one of several resources produced by SAHF’s Housing Stability Cohort (HSC). The HSC is an interdisciplinary working group of property management, asset management, and resident services leaders. Throughout the HSC’s 18-month working period, SAHF is preparing several resources that elevate and support housing stability, including this case study. Visit our HSC landing page to stay up to date on HSC resource announcements. 

SAHF thanks JPMorgan Chase & Co. for its generous support. Unless otherwise specifically stated, the views and opinions expressed in these resources are solely those of SAHF and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of JPMorgan Chase & Co or its affiliates. 

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