Multifamily Portfolio Carbon Emissions Calculator

July 14, 2022

NOTE: The Calculator is being released in BETA version through August 2022. If you have feedback, please provide your thoughts by sending an email to [email protected]. SAHF anticipates that the final version of the Calculator will be released in Fall 2022. 

The SAHF Multifamily Portfolio Carbon Emissions Calculator ("the Calculator") allows multifamily portfolio owners to calculate their annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in CO2 equivalent ("carbon emissions"). The Calculator was created to allow multifamily portfolio owners understand their carbon emissions baseline based on actual and estimated data, providing them with the first step of the journey to measurable carbon reductions.  

The Calculator: 

  • Quantifies annual Scope 1 Direct and Scope 2 Indirect carbon emissions from property-level energy and water data 
  • Provides annual carbon emissions for 2016 through 2020 
  • Allows for the import of ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager data 
  • Aligns with the DOE Better Climate Challenge baseline calculation protocols 

The Calculator allows for users to import data from ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager or provide data from other sources. For properties with incomplete utility data (e.g. properties that do not have access to resident utility data), the Calculator provides estimated carbon emissions based on a calculated baseline using aggregated actual utility data from similar properties. For more information and detailed instructions, please review the Multifamily Portfolio Carbon Emissions Calculator Detailed Instructions

NOTE: Currently, the Calculator uses an aggregation of SAHF member properties that have complete utility data as the baseline. SAHF expects that this baseline will be updated, and the baseline will use a different dataset in the final version of the Calculator. 

The Calculator will be easiest to use and most accurate for portfolio owners that have been collecting energy data for most or all properties for at least a year. The Calculator can be used by portfolio owners that have only some or even no properties that have energy data, but the results will then be based on an assumed baseline and are estimates only. As the number of properties using this assumed baseline increases, the accuracy of the Calculator's results decreases.  

SAHF would like to thank the Wells Fargo Foundation for their generous support in development of the Calculator and accompanying resources.