2022 Abt Associates Research Matrix on Resident Services Impact

September 06, 2022

The attached is a compendium of existing research (as of May, 2022) looking at resident services in affordable multifamily housing and their impact on property performance and resident outcomes.

The research/literature matrix was completed by Abt Associates in 2022 as part of a broader research proposal for SAHF.  While there is expanding research that explores the delivery and impact of service-enriched affordable housing on resident outcomes, there are few studies that look to compare outcomes between properties with and without resident services. The studies that do, review this information primarily focus on the impact of resident services on property performance and have found the presence of resident services to be associated with lower vacancy losses, bad debt, and legal fees. In addition, despite the non-definitive nature of the smaller studies, this literature matrix also looks at the scope of studies that touch on the impact of resident services on resident outcomes.

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