Where Will We Live?

Resources for affordable housing are at great risk. We need to change the way we advocate, develop a more effective strategy and build a broader coalition beyond traditional housing stakeholders.
That's why in 2017 NHT, in partnership with Enterprise Community Partners and People's Action, launched a special effort to elevate housing issues at the federal, state and local level using an grassroots campaign strategy called: "Where Will We Live."

Capturing and Amplifying a Narrative

NHT’s Community Engagement Team is meeting with affordable housing residents, property staff, maintenance crews and community members, visiting numerous states and Washington, D.C. During these meetings, we are learning their stories – their background, experiences, struggles, goals, and values. From these stories, we are beginning to understand the impact that stable housing has made in their journey.

These stories are being shared with elected officials, community members and the local constituents. These compelling narratives highlight how affordable housing directly impacts the lives of low-income families. These are not numbers, facts or figures; these are people -- nurses, students, immigrants, refugees and single parents.

Coalition Building

Capturing a narrative is only part one of Where Will We Live. Additionally, we will bring together and collaborate with a wide array of groups that will amplify affordable housing as a platform issue.

Through roundtable discussions, residents, multifamily housing owners, community leaders, cross-sector organizations and local officials can discuss the needs and concerns related not only to affordable housing, but greater community needs such as education, health, community development and safety. This multi-industry, cross-sector collaboration amplifies affordable housing as a platform issue in combination with other high-profile issues.

Affordable housing facts, figures and statistics inform us, but it’s the families whose lives are most effected who will take the fight to a level that cannot be ignored. Together, we will help low-income families move out of poverty and live in affordable, quality, healthy homes that provide them with access to opportunity.

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Published 2018

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