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Video Tutorials – Introduction to the Carbon Roadmap

The Multifamily Portfolio Carbon Emissions Roadmap Tool ("the Carbon Roadmap") is a free tool designed for the multifamily sector. It allows national multifamily portfolio owners to use the results from the SAHF Multifamily Portfolio Carbon Emissions Calculator ("the Calculator") to set portfolio targets for decarbonization, and then develop a list of prioritized portfolio segments and decarbonization strategies.  

For new users, SAHF has created a five-part video tutorial series that walks you through the Carbon Roadmap, providing important instructions and clarifications. For additional questions, please contact [email protected].

Watch the videos below:

Step 1: Property Data Import Tab

Step 2: Baseline & Target Lab

Step 3: Portfolio Segmentation Tab

Step 4: Roadmap Tab

Step 5: Roadmap Results Tab

Published 2023

Topic Decarbonization, Environmental Sustainability

Type Tools / Training