SAHF Mental and Behavioral Health Profiles

Committed to using “housing as a platform” to improve the lives of the low-income individuals and families, SAHF members work to address health and wellness issues such as food security, obesity, and mental and behavioral health.  Of these health issues, the mental and behavioral health needs of seniors, families and children are one of the most challenging to address due to limitations in access to care as well as more systemic factors causing toxic stress and trauma. In light of the demonstrated need and interest to address these issues, SAHF has created a series of health profiles that highlight the practices and unique collaboration strategies of SAHF member resident service work in supporting the mental health needs of the residents they serve. From creative community partnerships that foster trauma informed strategies to leveraging technology that reduces social isolation for seniors, these SAHF member vignettes demonstrate the tremendous value of service-enriched housing in addressing the mental and behavioral health needs of vulnerable populations. 

Published 2019

Topic Centering Residents, Health & Housing, Service Enriched Housing

Type Profiles