SAHF Framework for the System Resident Services Coordination

In 2015, SAHF and its members, with support from the MacArthur Foundation, launched the Community of Practice to generate a more effective and efficient system of enhanced resident services coordination. The Community of Practice is built on SAHF's commitment to performance-based funding, recognition of the limitations of existing resident service coordintation, the vulnerablilities of the existing funding streams, the escalating demands and expectations related to services in senior housing.

Through the Community of Practice, SAHF and its members developed a Framework for the System of Resident Services Coordination. A resident services coordiantion system refers to all functions tied to the organizational mission to implementresident services in affordable housing rental properties, including corporate and site-based staff, funding, technology systems, services and programs, research and evaluation, organizational knowledge, and the tools necessary to support resident services.

The framework, along with the proposed guidelines, are provided in the documents below. Each guideline includes common elements and recommendations that outline effective implementation of a systems approach to resident services coordination. 

Published: 2017


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Framework for Resident Services Coordination