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Resident Engagement ToolKit

Empowering Residents and Property Staff to Improve the Performance and Environmental Quality of their Homes, Workplaces, and Communities. 

A key element of the Big Reach Initiative is the strong recognition that achieving a culture change of proactive resource efficiency requires engaging not only with the built environment but also with the people who live and work in the environment. 

Accordingly, SAHF sees engaging residents as partners in our conservation efforts as a key strategy for the Big Reach.  Resident engagement not helps to meet our 20% reduction goal, it also strengthens the sense of community at our properties and helps residents build lifelong skills to manage utility costs. 

To this end, SAHF developed a Resident Engagement Toolkit.  The toolkit contains a guide to conducting a tailored resident engagement program in multifamily affordable housing. Accompanying the guide are a wide selection of activities that can be implemented on site.  The resident engagement activities are available in both English and Spanish.

Download The Resident Engagement Toolkit (98mb)


Published 2017

Topic Centering Residents, Environmental Sustainability, Service Enriched Housing

Type Research / Report, Tools / Training