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Racial Equity Policy Analysis Rubric

SAHF engaged the Center for Urban and Racial Equity (CURE) to help us explore and plan for how we can better understand and advance racial equity in our policy work. CURE first conducted a scan of existing racial equity frameworks in use in the housing policy space. Drawing on that scan, input from SAHF members and staff and CURE’s expertise, we have created a policy rubric that SAHF is now piloting in its policy work.

SAHF’s policy analysis rubric provides an analytical tool to assess the racial equity impact of public policies. SAHF’s work focuses on public policy relating to affordable rental housing and particularly on practice-based policy from the perspective of our members. The rubric was developed from that perspective and reflects key areas where SAHF members have committed to focusing on racial equity. It doesn't necessarily explore all aspects of racial equity. This is a learning tool. The tool and the analyses that it guides should not be viewed as absolute fact or final truth, but rather the basis for discussion, further analyses and learning. 

SAHF is committed to advancing racial equity through our work. We approach this work with a spirit of learning and humility. We are sharing this working draft of our rubric as a resource for others and as an invitation to learn with us. We understand that racial equity work takes time and intention and for that reason, this tool is robust. We are also sharing examples of how we have used it in our workflows. We expect to make adjustments and clarifications as we operationalize the tool, including perhaps a streamlined version, and invite your feedback and examples of how you have used the tool. Please send comments and feedback to [email protected]


Racial Equity Policy Analysis Rubric


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Published 2023

Topic Policy, Racial Equity

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