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National Community Solar Partnership Tip Sheet

Community solar provides affordable housing property owners and/or residents with a path to access the benefits of solar energy regardless of who owns the solar panels, the suitability of rooftop for solar, and location of the property. As community solar programs scale up, there is an opportunity for multifamily affordable housing providers to help connect more low-income households (earning 80% or less of the area median income) to the benefits of community solar programs. Members of the Department of Energy’s National Community Solar Partnership, Multifamily Affordable Housing Collaborative, have installed solar projects and partnered with local subscription programs to provide benefits to both affordable housing providers and the residents they serve. This tip sheet highlights resident engagement and outreach strategies used by Collaborative members to build trust in community solar programs and increase the number of subscribers among affordable housing residents.

Published 2022

Topic Decarbonization, Environmental Sustainability

Type Research / Report, Tools / Training