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The Multifamily Portfolio Carbon Emissions Roadmap Tool

The Multifamily Portfolio Carbon Emissions Roadmap Tool ("the Carbon Roadmap") is a free tool designed for the multifamily sector. It allows national multifamily portfolio owners to use the results from the SAHF Multifamily Portfolio Carbon Emissions Calculator ("the Calculator") to set portfolio targets for decarbonization, and then develop a list of prioritized portfolio segments and decarbonization strategies.  

The Roadmap will give owners confidence in committing to time-bound measurable goals, such as those set by the Department of Energy’s Better Climate Challenge, where partners voluntarily commit to reducing carbon emissions by 50% over the next ten years. 

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UPDATED! January 29, 2024 – Version 1.1 Release 

The Carbon Roadmap: 

  • Compares your portfolio baseline carbon emissions to your most current portfolio carbon emissions. 
  • Identifies properties in communities deemed disadvantaged by the Environmental Protection Agency's Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool.
  • Provides projected carbon emissions for your most current portfolio for up to 15 years into the future. 
  • Allows you to account for projected portfolio changes, such as property acquisitions, dispossessions, and new construction. 
  • Provides you with the opportunity to test the impact of decarbonization strategies on segments of your portfolio, to better understand their impact. 
  • Allows you to generate lists of properties on which to implement decarbonization strategies.
  • Supports your participation in IRA programs and the DOE Better Climate Challenge. 

The Carbon Roadmap utilizes data already gathered for the Calculator or data from typical energy benchmarking platforms, like ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. However, if you have properties with missing energy data, it is recommended that you first use the Calculator to access the full benefits of the Carbon Roadmap. 

SAHF would like to thank Wells Fargo and the Wells Fargo Foundation for their generous support in development of the Carbon Roadmap and accompanying resources. 

The SAHF Carbon Roadmap contains macros to streamline use of the tool. To learn more about macros and how to enable them, visit this Microsoft support page.

SAHF Carbon Roadmap 

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Published 2023

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