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Laundry Efficiency Study

Much of the multifamily housing market is served by common area laundry facilities – a unique nexus of four utilities: electric, gas, water, and wastewater. This nexus makes laundry facilities a particularly interesting intervention point for energy and water efficiency. While increasingly efficient clothes washers have become available over the years, multifamily affordable buildings present an untapped conservation opportunity as they often lease commercial clothes washers. As part of the Energy Efficiency for All initiative, Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future and the Natural Resources Defense Council assessed efficiency opportunities in twelve states. The Efficiency Opportunities in Multifamily Common Area Laundry Facilities study provides insight into the current laundry landscape in multifamily housing which reveals a significant opportunity for multifamily housing owners to realize substantial savings from reduced electricity, gas, and water use. The report also looks at existing utility incentive programs that address laundry appliances and elucidates the greater need for programs to spur efficiency in multifamily common area laundry facilities.

Published 2020

Topic Environmental Sustainability

Type Research / Report