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Housing as a Platform for Improving Child and Youth Education Outcomes

In 2012, with support from the Kresge Foundation, SAHF launched the ‘Outcomes Initiative’ to look closely at the types of outcome measures that member organizations might track and the outcomes-focused strategies members might employ in order to improve the lives of their residents. 

The Outcomes Initiative represents an innovative venture to better link the core work of non-profit housing providers to a broader array of services that achieve important social and individual outcomes for their residents. SAHF members are currently undertaking an effort to collect data around a list of outcome measures the group developed across five fields (health & wellness; youth & education; financial capability; housing stability and community engagement). 

Building on SAHF’s on-going work in the housing and health care space, the Urban Institute is supporting the next step of the Outcomes Initiative to build the connection between housing and child and youth development, with a particular focus on education.


Published 2018

Topic Centering Residents, Impact, Service Enriched Housing

Type Research / Report

Source SAHF, Urban Institute