Housing Production & Preservation

Producing and Preserving Affordable Rental Housing

As a network of high capacity, mission-oriented housing development nonprofits, SAHF applies on-the-ground experience to protecting and expanding the supply of affordable housing that creates meaningful choice and opportunity for residents. We seek to:

  • Identify and address threats to long-term quality and affordability.
  • Reduce barriers, expand incentives, and expand tools and strategies to provide more housing that's affordable to the most vulnerable households.
  • Collaborate to create innovative public/private partnerships and programs to create long-term affordable housing. 
  • Promote effective allocation of state-level affordable housing resources.
  • Advocate to preserve and enhance the national low-income housing tax credit.
  • Support continued federal resources for affordable rental housing production and preservation.
  • Expand the use of the Rental Assistance Demonstration program to revitalize public housing and other scarce affordable housing resources. 
  • Develop solutions to preserve existing affordable senior housing and support efforts to expand the supply to meet the rapidly expanding need. 
  • Identify federal health care savings resulting from high quality affordable housing for low-income seniors and other residents with health challenges.