Youth & Education

The Foundation for Success

SAHF believes that every child should have the opportunity for a fulfilling and productive life.

By partnering with schools, neighborhood stakeholders and local and national youth-serving organizations, SAHF members provide children and youth with a range of opportunities to pursue their aspirations, explore their talents, improve their academic achievement and live healthy lives.

As a collaborative, SAHF  leverages successful models, develops regional and national partnerships and uses data to investigate and demonstrate the impact of stable, service-enriched housing on the lives of young people.

From early childhood education to afterschool enrichment, SAHF and its members are working to provide young people with a safe and decent home and opportunities to achieve their full potential.

Areas of Focus:

Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is the building block of a child's ability to succeed in school and in life. Birth to the age of five is the most crucial and vulnerable stage of a person's life. SAHF collaborates with our members to develop strong and effective strategies which provides residents with access to resources that address obstacles often faced by low-income families. Through on and off-site programs, such as parent-led groups or childcare partnerships, SAHF members are working to ensure that young children in affordable rental communities are set up for success.

Elementary & Secondary Education

SAHF and its members are rethinking the role of housing as a platform to support student success in and outside of the classroom. By partnering with schools, parents and local organizations, SAHF members are building networks for positive youth development in affordable rental communities. Through a range of programs, from tutoring and mentorship to youth leadership and employment, SAHF members are helping young people build skills to help them succeed in school and beyond. 

Post-Secondary Education

Stable, affordable housing can be a platform to reach young people at every stage of life. SAHF members provide academic support, college readiness opportunities and access to employment supports that are essential to helping young people succeed in high school and beyond. By supporting a range of opportunities for young adults and their families, SAHF members are promoting and improving the success of young people in affordable rental communities.