Health & Wellness

Improving Residents' Health One Partnership at a Time

SAHF believes that health begins at home – and a safe, stable home is a key social determinant of health.

Beginning with building and outdoor space design, quality building materials and appropriate energy and water management strategies, SAHF members make a down payment on resident wellness and good health.

Through on-site services, community partnerships and focused resident engagement strategies, SAHF and its members support residents in achieving critical health and wellness outcomes.  

By building awareness among residents on the importance of health care insurance and primary care providers, and utilizing collaborative partnerships with the health sector, SAHF members seek to improve the availability of care and reduce costs for Medicaid and Medicare.

Together, we are committed to supporting residents in living healthy, productive and independent lives. 

Housing and Health Partnership Goals

  • Positively address social determinants of health through quality affordable housing.
  • Build bridges between the health and housing sectors.
  • Utilize property design and resident services to achieve good health and wellness for children, adults and seniors.
  • Work with the health sector to help residents achieve dignity, independence and positive health outcomes.
  • Improve care coordinations and care transition for residents and maximize residents' ability to live independently.
  • Foster resident enrollment in health insurance and support services.

Areas of Focus:

Health Services

Access to high-quality, affordable medical care continues to be a challenge for low-income individuals and families. SAHF and its members are developing innovative approaches to tackle this challenge. 

Health Care Partnerships

Health care providers play a pivotal role in the care of all individuals. Partnering with health care providers to ensure residents stay connected to quality doctors and health service facilities is key to the success of SAHF's effors. 

Wellness Programs

On-site activities such as group excercise, nutrition planning, SAHF-sponsored health screenings and educational seminars supports SAHF's mission to build a bridge between health and housing.