Financial Health & Capability

Housing as a Platform for Improving Financial Health & Capability

SAHF and its members believe that quality, affordable rental housing can be a platform for building financial capability and strengthening financial health. Low-income families and individuals face financial challenges every day. These challenges can lead to substantial stress and the unfortunate burden of prioritizing life's necessities. 

Financial capability involves building the ability to navigate life’s events. Through a range of strategies and programs such as financial coaching, monthly budgeting and asset-building programs, SAHF members help low and moderate income residents increase their financial health and achieve their goals.

As a collaborative, SAHF and its members share best practices, leverage strong partnerships and advocate for policies that improve residents’ opportunities to access and build financial resources and savings. A quality, stable affordable rental home is the first step in economic security and can serve as an ideal platform for residents in building their overall financial health.

Areas of Focus:

Home Stability

Stable income is the building block of good financial health and capability for all individuals. However, low-income individuals are dispropotionately affected by housing insecurity. By providing residents with safe, quality, affordable rental homes, SAHF helps to alleviate stress and support each resident's ability to maintain employment, perform well in their job, manage a fixed income or increase their income through employment.  

Workforce Development

Quality, affordable housing is a platform for providing the services and supports necessary to gain and maintain stable employment. In partnership with local workforce agencies and employers, SAHF members provide residents with access to tools and resources that are critical in the job development process. From computers and transportation to job coaching and support, SAHF members offer a range of on and off site resources to help families gain meaningful employment and stable income.

Income & Assets

Safe, decent affordable housing is one of many assets that are essential to financial health. SAHF members believe that affordable housing can serve as an ideal platform for promoting financial health and security for low-income families. Through access to direct services and resources such as financial education and coaching, SAHF members are helping families of all incomes develop assets for long term stability and success.