Community Engagement

Building Strong Neighborhoods through Access to Opportunity

Quality, affordable rental homes are a platform for building strong, healthy communities. SAHF recognizes that connections among neighbors and engagement with a community is critical to good physical and mental health for residents. 

SAHF members facilitate meaningful opportunities for residents to engage with one another and their communities. They work to build and support trusting relationships, access to opportunity and networks of mutual support that promote dignity and independence. 

For properties in more distressed neighborhoods, this community engagement work can help transform communities into places of opportunity, growth and revival.   

SAHF believes that every person has the right to live in an engaged and vibrant community.

Areas of Focus:

Leadership Development

SAHF communities are places of innovation and collaboration, where residents are encouraged to participate, engage and activate their leadership potential. By helping residents design and lead community initiatives, from community gardens to social circles, SAHF members are supporting and sustaining strong and vibrant rental home communities.

Civic Engagement

Home is the foundation of civic life. In addition to building and sustaining quality affordable housing, SAHF and its members are uniquely positioned to leverage housing as a platform for civic engagement. SAHF members are committed to improving the rate of voter participation among residents in their communities and promote active engagement in civic life

Community Building

Affordable rental housing is a platform for building vibrant, healthy communities. By investing in people and places, SAHF members create and support opportunities for residents to build trusting relationships, weave strong social connections and develop social capital.