Tools for Service-Enriched Housing



lower rate of housing instability (including evictions) among SAHF families and seniors than the national eviction rate for all renters.

Service-enriched housing (also often referred to as housing with resident services) can reduce disparities in access to services and outcomes for residents and offer them opportunities to build agency, resilience, and independence. SAHF launched our Resident Health and Outcomes Initiative to increase the effectiveness, availability, and financial support of service-enriched housing and to accelerate culture and systems change at the practitioner, policymaker, and investor levels.

Moving from anecdotes to evidence, SAHF has engaged with SAHF members and other high-capacity practitioners to better understand and articulate the core competencies, common language, standardized practices, and infrastructure necessary to support a scalable model for service coordination that is both resident-centered and data-driven. SAHF continues to explore evolving service delivery models that leverage cross sector collaborations, increased access to internet and new innovations using technology platforms, while continuing to priortize robust resident engagement and resident-driven solutions.

Related Tools

SAHF has developed a number of tools in support of this work:

Tracking Service Enriched Housing Impact

The SAHF Resident Outcomes Initiative Measures: key indicators that can be used to track and demonstrate the impact of service-enriched housing. These outcomes measures fall across five domains: Housing Stability; Financial Resilience & Stability; Youth Development & Education; Health and Wellness; and Community Engagement and Safety. Learn more about data collected on these measures in SAHF Impact of Home report.

Download the Measures

Resident Services Coordination Framework

A Framework for a System of Resident Services Coordination, updated in 2021 to reflect practitioner’s efforts to operationalize and better prioritize resident voice and agency

View The Framework

Toolkit for Resident Centered Outcomes Measurement in Affordable Rental Housing

This toolkit provides guidance to affordable housing owners, operators, funders, and partners on approaches to services that are outcomes-driven, equitable, and resident-centered. It may be particularly useful to housing and services providers seeking to scale their services programs, owners working to integrate outcomes measurement with services, or funders of housing and services.  

Download the Toolkit

Research Matrix on Resident Services Impact

A compendium of existing research (as of May, 2022) looking at resident services in affordable multifamily housing and their impact on property performance and resident outcomes.

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SAHF and its members have sought to bridge the digital divide in affordable housing communities and address deepening digital inequities by advocating with action, advocacy and a practitioner's resource that offers solutions for providers and residents.