Housing Stability Cohort

SAHF’s Housing Stability Cohort (HSC) is a unique, interdisciplinary working group of property management, asset management, and resident services leaders. Comprised of members from thirteen organizations, the HSC is dedicated to identifying both operational solutions and policy recommendations to strengthen housing stability for multifamily housing residents.  During the HSC’s 18-month working period, they will produce resources for the field based on their expertise and housing stability data analysis. 

HSC Members are listed below: 

Resources from the HSC

Resident Communication Touchpoints Brief

Effective communication is the cornerstone of trust building in landlord-resident relationships. The Resident Communication Touchpoints Brief is a resource that describes three communications touchpoints from four participating organizations in our Housing Stability Cohort (HSC), providing insight into how they can be better leveraged to support housing stability. This brief describes each communication touchpoint and provides example documents that HSC participants use at each stage.

Resident Communication Touchpoints Brief

HSC Example Resources

Fostering a Culture of Housing Stability Case Study

Applying Trauma-Informed Principles Example

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