Energy & Water Efficiency

SAHF and its members are committed to environmental sustainability and are leaders in the affordable housing sector for building and operating energy and water efficient housing. Robust energy and water efficiency practices are a key strategy to meet the need of decarbonizing affordable housing and also ensuring equitable benefits to residents and our communities.

The Big Reach

Launched in 2013 by SAHF and its members, the Big Reach was a collaborative initiative of SAHF, its 13 members, and partners to achieve a 20% reduction in energy and water consumption across the SAHF member portfolios by the year 2020. We are proud to say we not only reached our goal, but we exceeded it against our 2010 baseline and based on available data - 44% of members' portfolio for energy and 64% of members' portfolio for water.

Thanks to the dedication of SAHF’s members and the generosity of our partners, the thousands of homes upgraded through the Big Reach delivered healthier, more comfortable living environments for residents. Together, we avoided approximately 786,000 metric tons of carbon emissions – equivalent to running 170 wind turbines for a year – and we saved over 1.7 billion gallons of water – equivalent to filling more than 2,680 Olympic-sized pool.

The successes of the Big Reach lay the groundwork for us to rise to the challenge we face today – the need to continue to deeply decarbonize and embrace health and equity principles while meeting the nation’s tremendous need for healthy, affordable homes in thriving, sustainable communities.

SAHF members set a goal to reduce energy & water consumption by 20% by 2020

  • Energy and Electricity

    In 2019, SAHF members showed 29% In energy savings

  • Water

    In 2019, SAHF members showed 24% In water savings

More Big Reach Highlights:

  • Energy and Electricity

    Renewable Energy Installed 146 Properties

  • Housing Units

    816 Properties 68,060 Homes Upgraded

  • Local Economy Creates Jobs

    29,673 Homes Built/Rehabbed

  • Energy & Water Conservation Efficiency

    46,598 Homes Retrofitted