Operations & Maintenance

SAHF’s Strategies to Operate and Maintain High Performing, Efficient Buildings

Effective operations and maintenance (O&M) is one of the most cost-effective approaches for generating and maintaining energy and water savings. 

Under the Big Reach, all of the SAHF members committed to using improved operations and maintenance as one of their means of reaching the 20% savings goal. 

The resources developed for and with the SAHF members are freely available to all multifamily owners interested in adopting O&M practices that support the operation of high quality, energy and water efficient buildings. 

Multifamily Energy and Water Management Toolkit

Intended to help improve energy and water management and reduce costs, spending and environmental impacts over the long‐term, while helping to preserve affordable properties, this toolkit was developed by SAHF and Bright Power, Inc. with support from Capital One Bank and NeighborWorks America.  It comprises a set of checklists, worksheets, references and tips with resources on getting started in each of four focus areas: Portfolio Strategies, Operations and Maintenance, Utility Tracking, and Energy and Water Initiatives. The full toolkit is available in both English and Spanish.

Download the Multifamily Energy and Water Toolkit

Here is an example checklist from the toolkit: 

Download the Apartment Inspection Checklist

Preventative Maintenance, Energy, and Water Conservation Videos

Empower your maintenance staff to find energy and water savings opportunitities using the three-part video training series produced by SAHF and HAI Group. 

Operations and Maintenance Trainings

To better empower maintenance staff in realizing energy and water savings through their work, SAHF has held a series of on-site trainings for maintenance staff.  The trainings focus on operationalizing the toolkit materials, using a property as a learning lab, as well as covering some basic building science. 

Portfolio Level Tools

Through technical assistance funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and delivered by Bright Power and Enterprise Community Partners, the SAHF members developed portfolio-level tools for improved operations and maintenance. 

HUD Technical Assistance Products

Energy and Water Policies

Managing Third Parties

O&M Checklists

Staff Management and Training


Work Order Diagnostics