Advancing Racial Equity

Our Pledge to Advance Racial Equity

SAHF member organizations have deep commitments to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion to create a just world that values all people and enables them to thrive. Advancing racial equity and ending systemic racism is a mission imperative for SAHF as a collaborative and for its member organizations; we are called to do more.

As a collaborative and as developers, owners, and operators of affordable rental homes, we have leveraged the power of our collective commitments to effect significant change in our field, from energy and water efficiency to how we center residents and measure the impact of stable homes and services. We now seek to use the same power and accountability of the collaborative to deepen our work to advance racial equity.

Accordingly, we have created a Pledge to Advance Racial Equity under which SAHF and each of its members commit to actions that will advance racial equity across six focus areas. 

  1. Board and Leadership Commitment and Transparency 
  2. People and culture
  3. Real Estate, Investment and Partnerships
  4. Contracting and Spending
  5. Resident Experience
  6. Policy

SAHF and its member organizations recognize that the work of advancing racial equity is a movement not a moment in time and that while it is our responsibility to advance this work, it must be done in collaboration with a wide range of partners. We welcome that perspective and partnership and look forward to engaging with local and national actors, especially those led by and serving people of color. We invite those committed to this work to join us for discussions on how we can advance towards a more equitable and just society together.

Racial Equity in Our Policy Work

SAHF’s policy analysis rubric provides an analytical tool to assess the racial equity impact of public policies. SAHF’s work focuses on public policy relating to affordable rental housing and particularly on practice-based policy from the perspective of our members. The rubric was developed from that perspective and reflects key areas where SAHF members have committed to focusing on racial equity. It doesn't necessarily explore all aspects of racial equity. This is a living document and a learning tool that we are sharing so that we may learn with our policy partners field. We welcome your feedback on the rubric.

View the Policy Analysis Rubric