Our Team

SAHF's staff is made up of passionate individuals who are committed to the development and preservation of affordable rental homes. With expertise in diverse areas of focus, our team understands the importance of vibrant and sustainable communities that foster innovation and offer access to opportunity. Learn more about our exceptional employees by clicking on the any of the individual bios below. 


  • Andrea R. Ponsor

    President & CEO

    aponsor [at] sahfnet.org

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  • Althea Arnold

    Senior Vice President, Policy

    aarnold [at] sahfnet.org

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  • Lucas Asher

    Policy Associate, Housing Stability and Resident Wellbeing

    lasher [at] sahfnet.org

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  • Sara Autori

    Senior Associate, Health and Housing

    sautori [at] sahfnet.org

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  • Justin Edwards

    Policy and Program Associate

    jedwards [at] sahfnet.org

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  • William C. Kelly, Jr.

    Founding President (Retired)

    bkelly [at] sahfnet.org

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  • Nicole Manchester

    Director, Data & Analytics

    nmanchester [at] sahfnet.org

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  • Alexandra Nassau-Brownstone

    Vice President, Resident Outcomes & CORES

    Anassaubrownstone [at] sahfnet.org

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  • Kate Paulachak

    Office and Program Administrator

    kpaulachak [at] sahfnet.org

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  • Rebecca Schaaf

    Senior Vice President, Energy and Sustainability

    rschaaf [at] sahfnet.org

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  • Sandra Serna

    Vice President, Health and Housing

    sserna [at] sahfnet.org

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  • Tawechote Wongbuphanimitr

    Senior Associate, Energy and Sustainability

    tawechote [at] sahfnet.org

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  • Rachel Wilson

    Patrick Sheridan Affordable Housing Fellow

    rwilson [at] sahfnet.org

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