Our Story

About SAHF

SAHF is a nonprofit collaborative of thirteen exemplary multi-state nonprofit affordable housing providers who own more than 147,500 affordable rental homes. Launched in 2003, SAHF’s members came together to promote their shared ownership objectives, which embraces the notion that stable, affordable, service-enriched housing is critically important in the lives of all people.

Our Mission:

Advance the creation and preservation of healthy, sustainable affordable rental homes that foster equity, opportunity, and wellness for people of limited economic resources.

Our Vision:

Every person has a healthy home in a flourishing community.

Our Values:

Respect - Through thought and actions, we value the insights, experiences, and ideas of our members, colleagues, communities and residents. We honor the dignity of all people and work to ensure that equity is an explicit and important tenet in all that we do.

Diversity and Inclusion - We believe that diversity and inclusion strengthens our decisionmaking, quality of work and impact. We embrace the fundamental right of all people to have a full, vibrant and healthy life, including those who have been historically underrepresented based on race/ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender, socioeconomic status, citizenship status, or religion.

Collaboration - We prize and foster robust engagement and mutual support withresidents, members, partners and other stakeholders, understanding that it helps to facilitate innovation, achieve scale and create deeper impact.

Stewardship - We continually seek more impactful ways to use resources, protect the environment and forge long-term solutions to further our mission.

Integrity - We approach our work with accountability for its impact, serving with truth, fairness and sincerity.

Our Goals:

  • Increase and preserve the supply of quality affordable rental housing
  • Support the stability, health and wellness, and economic mobility of affordable rental housing residents
  • Promote positive environmental and health outcomes in affordable rental housing through quality design and operations
  • Expand and explore new interventions with the healthcare sector to improve healthcare access, reduce healthcare costs, increase housing supply and improve health outcomes of SAHF residents
  • Play a leadership role in diversifying the affordable housing development and finance workforce at all levels
  • Advance the growth and effectiveness of SAHF members and other high-performing nonprofit affordable rental housing providers committed to long-term affordability