HMA - SAHF Health and Wellness Outcomes Measurement Report

This report presents an overview of the healthcare landscape to provide context to the discussion. Changes in our nation’s healthcare system driven largely by health reform through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) present challenges to healthcare stakeholders and create opportunities for afford-able housing providers. The report also presents a review of the evidence from the litera-ture that supports the value of affordable housing to the healthcare system. This review includes the impacts of housing as a healthcare intervention and evidence supporting specific support services that affordable housing programs are well positioned to provide.

The report provides an overview of the current health related services being provided by SAHF members, key healthcare measures and outcomes, and opportunities to align high-value services with those measures and outcomes. The report then discusses potential revenue sources, recommendations for developing the value proposition for affordable housing to the healthcare system, and recommended next steps to create new partner-ships among affordable housing and the healthcare system.

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