SAHF Board of Directors Reflect on Life of POAH Founder, Affordable Housing Champion Amy Anthony

Amy Anthony, POAH's founder and long-time President & CEO, passed away on December 9. She retired in 2015 after a nearly fifty year career as a leader in affordable housing and a champion for low-income people all over the country. In response to her passing, SAHF leaders and the Board of Directors shared memories of their former colleague and fellow board member, who was described as an innovator, go-getter, and personal inspiration to so many in the field. Below you can read some of those reflections.

"Amy was such a huge force in our field, in founding POAH  and in founding and growing SAHF.  Her legacy is really unparalleled.  I feel so privileged to have known her."

"Amy was a personal inspiration to me in so so many ways. She touched, inspired and challenged many of us."

"Amy was a treasure and leaves a truly inspirational legacy to our entire community."

"Amy was also a hoot, determined, and willing to challenge things as they are. She assembled very smart teams and was always committed to high quality affordable housing - both as a public official (setting a standard & culture that remains in place 30 years later in Massachusetts) and as a developer-owner."

"Amy was so full of life and vigor it's hard to picture her not out there rabble rousing. Everyone else has mentioned all of her success and innovations. I would suggest that my memories are as much about having a friend and peer at our SAHF get-togethers that you could count on being collaborative, thoughtful, but as important, fun to be around."

SAHF's prayers are with you and your family, Amy. We are so grateful for the legacy you left. 

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