"It Happened on Fifth Avenue, and it can happen in your town" - NHP Foundation President & CEO Reflects on State of US Housing Challenges

In an Op-Ed in The Hill, NHP Foundation President & CEO says today's housing challenges closely mirror challenges presented in perennial favorite holiday season movie "It Happened on Fifth Avenue." The film's heroes are a loosely-knit group of homeless individuals that includes young war veterans and their families, a college student with no real job prospects, and an elderly hobo that band together around a creative solution to thwart an "evil" multimillionaire developer and convert a former Army barracks into inexpensive family housing that could benefit them all.

According to Burns, the group of heroes portrayed in the movie have a lot in common with the diverse group of low- and middle-income people today struggling to make ends meet in a country where the demand for an affordable place to live far outstrips the supply. He is optimistic that, much like the scrappy heroes of "Fifth Avenue," the affordable housing industry will find creative ways to address the country's shortfall; however, he makes clear that we will not do it alone. 

"In this case, a cross-industry collaborative is needed, involving partners from health care, institutional investment, public policy, urban design, government agencies and social service organizations to create a solution. Congress also will have to address affordable housing funding needs since the private sector cannot do it alone."

Follow this link to read the full article, which raises important points for reflection during this holiday season.