Improving Residents’ Health: SAHF Welcomes Dr. Kamillah Wood as the New SVP of Health and Housing

Washington, D.C. Wednesday September 28, 2016. Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF) believes that health begins at home – and a safe, stable home is a key social determinant of health. To foster this belief, SAHF is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Kamillah Wood as the new Senior Vice President, Health and Housing. Dr. Wood is a highly experienced physician, clinical professor and public health professional. She brings ten years of experience as a pediatrician in public and children’s health as well as expertise in cross sector policy making.

Through SAHF’s Outcomes Initiative, SAHF and its members are committed to using “housing as a platform” to provide residents with opportunities to improve their lives and live independently. Committed to increasing health equity for low-income people and communities, SAHF works with members to develop and facilitate partnerships with the health sector, and to inform and advise policymakers on critical issues on the intersection of health and housing.  As SAHF’s new Senior Vice President, Health and Housing, Dr. Wood will serve as SAHF’s program and policy expert on the intersection of these issues.

“Dr. Wood is committed to breaking down the barriers and improving the systems that contribute to tremendous health inequities and a poor quality of life for millions of our nation’s residents. Through her clinical practice in low-income communities, she has become convinced of the critical value of quality affordable housing on her patients’ health.” stated Fitzgerald. She added, “She brings on the ground practical experience to this position – a hallmark of how SAHF operates, with practice informing policy and program. We know Dr. Wood will use that insight and experience to assist SAHF members and the affordable housing field in improving health outcomes and reducing healthcare costs for residents of affordable housing.”

Dr. Wood will continue to practice as a physician one day a week. As a practicing physician, Dr. Wood has provided medical care to children in Anacostia and throughout Washington DC and in Philadelphia; guided new medical residents in community health; lead an asthma collaborative; and developed health center policies to ensure high quality patient care and outcomes. 

As a White House Fellow at the U.S. Department of Transportation, Dr. Wood served as Special Advisor to Secretary Anthony Foxx on the intersection of health and transportation. She also served as the USDOT lead on an interagency initiative to promote socioeconomic integration in communities.  

Dr. Wood commented about her new role, “SAHF is one of the most influential nonprofit affordable housing collaboratives in the nation. With more than 118,000 multifamily affordable homes across the nation, leading the health and housing initiatives on behalf of SAHF’s members is an ideal opportunity to improve the lives of the nation’s most vulnerable and lowest income residents.”

Dr. Wood holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Howard University, a Medical Degree from George Washington University and a Master’s Degree in Public Health, Family and Community Health from Harvard University.

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