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Advancing the Value of Housing and Health Collaborations to Improve the Lives of Vulnerable Populations


Urban Institute’s recently released report, Emerging Strategies for Integrating Health and Housing presents six case studies that provide solid evidence and real world examples of the promising successes of cross-sector collaboration to improve the health of vulnerable populations. As pioneers in of health and housing partnerships, Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF) and its members understand the importance of the evidence and lessons shared in this report to expanding collaboration. As momentum grows in this space, we are encouraged by this burgeoning evidence that supports the tenacity of our members in using housing as a platform to improve health outcomes.

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Bringing Healthy, Efficient Infrastructure Home


Our Nation’s infrastructure is more than just roads and bridges, it is also the networks and systems that deliver energy and water to homes and businesses across the country. These networks are aging and burdened by modern demands. The right investments in our energy and water infrastructure and in retrofitting buildings themselves can drive down costs and create jobs while producing a healthier living environment. Written by Andrea Ponsor, SAHF's EVP for Policy and Ellen Lurie Hoffman, Director of Federal Policy National Housing Trust.

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Combating an Affordable Rental Housing Crisis


Eileen Fitzgerald, SAHF CEO, and Toby Halliday, co-authored an opinion piece that was featured in Affordable Housing News. The piece focuses on how SAHF works collaboratively with SAHF members, industry partners and policy makers to preserve, create and expand affordable rental homes. The final piece was published in AHN's Winter 2016 volume.

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