EZ Retrofit

Save Energy, Water and Money at Your Multifamily Family Property

EZ Retrofit is a free, do-it-yourself Excel-based audit tool that gives multifamily property owners and managers an easy way to identify cost-effective energy and water efficiency upgrades.  EZ Retrofit runs in Excel and streamlines the building review process.

After inputting information about your current systems, EZ Retrofit recommends improvements to help you maximize savings.  For each recommendation, you receive detailed costs and savings estimates.  Plus, you get a graphic visualization of retrofit savings and a customized audit report for your building that you can download and share with colleagues.

EZ Retrofit - Five Simple Steps to Savings

SAHF developed the EZ Retrofit Tool with contractors ICF International and Bright Power, Inc. under a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Energy Innovation Fund. 

Download The EZ Retrofit Tool

Additional Resources

EZ Retrofit Factsheets

A one page introduction to EZ Retrofit. Download The Factsheet.

A summary of how to enter envelope and HVAC systems in the EZ or Advanced Path. Download The Summary.

An overview of features available in EZ Retrofit's Advanced Path.  Download The Overview.

EZ Retrofit FAQs

Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about the EZ Retrofit Tool. If you have a question about EZ Retrofit that is not addressed in the FAQ or User Guide, email us at [email protected]. Go to FAQs page.

EZ Retrofit Users

Find out the types and names of organizations who have used EZ Retrofit to uncover retrofit opportunities. Learn more here.

User Guide 

The User Guide is embedded in the tool itself.  After opening the tool in Excel, the User Guide is accessed by clicking on the ‘How Do I Do It?’ button in the EZ Path or by clicking on the ‘Help/User Manual’ button in the Advanced Path. Download The User Guide.

Data Collection Resources 

The Data Collection Checklist is a list of information requested by the EZ Retrofit Tool and helps you gather information before populating the tool.  The Checklist is also embedded in the tool itself by clicking the “EZ Retrofit Checklists” button on the welcome screen.  Download The Checklist

The Data Collection Tip Sheet offers select advice on how to collect or enter data drawn from the User Guide.  Take this sheet with you while using the Data Collection Checklist.  See the User Guide for complete information on each EZ Retrofit field.  Download The Tip Sheet.

Learn different ways of collecting and entering both tenant and owner-paid utility data. Download The Utility Data  Guide .

The Lighting Data Collection Cheat Sheet shows the option's in EZ Retrofit's lighting screen dropdown menus to help you collect the necessary information. Take this sheet with you while using the Data Collection Checklist.  Download The Lighting Cheat  Sheet.


Sunset Park Case Study

Sunset Park – Learn about how the EZ Retrofit Tool drove energy and cost savings at an affordable multifamily property located in Denver, Colorado. Download The Case Study.

Owner's Perspective

 Learn how EZ Retrofit compared to a third party audit at one property and other ways that EZ Retrofit can help owners save energy and money. Download Owner's Perspective.

Benefits Beyond Energy and Water Summary

Learn how energy efficiency and water efficiency improvements in multifamily housing can yield significant benefits beyond energy and water cost savings. Download The Benefits Summary.