A Culture of Caring

Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF) is committed to improving the lives of vulnerable populations, including low-income families and individuals, seniors and those with disabilities.  As a collaborative, SAHF is also committed to supporting the critical front-line staff, including resident service coordinators and property managers, to ensure that they can provide the highest quality of services to residents.  With a growing conversation around addressing mental and behavioral health needs, SAHF members are keenly aware of the many issues that residents face including domestic violence, toxic stress, and neighborhood safety concerns; but also understand the many stressors that affect the staff who interact with residents on their properties. Front-line staff frequently absorb and internalize deep stress and trauma from the communities they work in; impacting their own health, happiness, and effectiveness in their jobs.

To help create greater capacity to address this issue, SAHF has created a resource guide that provides a collection of tools for affordable housing organizations to address the mental and behavioral health needs of front-line staff.  This Culture of Caring: Compendium of Self-Care Tools and Workforce Support Principles for Front-Line Staff in Service-Enriched Housing provides active links to a variety of resources that focus on individual interventions as well as corporate level strategies.  From self-care programs to workforce development and trauma informed approaches, this tool kit works to promote effective, sustainable and practical solutions to address the mental and behavioral health needs of front-line staff that ensures the success of the organization, staff and residents.

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